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What is Wealth Management?

What is wealth management

What is ‘Wealth Management’ the JMC Way?

For us, wealth management isn’t just about investments and financial planning. No question, having the right investments in a well-balanced and secure portfolio is important. At the same time, we believe that the way your assets are managed should directly reflect what you want out of life. Do you still have children to educate? Do you have any plans to move, and if so are you planning to buy or sell a home? Might you want a vacation home–or to take regular vacations? How long will you keep working? If and when you do retire, what kind of lifestyle do you want to live? What support do you plan to continue to provide for your family? Are there any causes you would like to support?

Through eliciting your responses during an in-depth, discovery process we work with you to understand your entire financial situation from past, present, and future and help you identify your goals. then we look at how attainable they are in what timeframe and what changes might be necessary in earned income, investments, and investment income, savings and spending practices, in order to help you reach those goals in the desired timeframe. We always encourage our clients to be realistic–but at the same time, dream big! Small changes can sometimes spur major advantage in helping you attain those big dream goals!

Through a combination of asset structuring, financial planning, and tax planning, our goal is to help you achieve your dreams. Wealth management the JMC Wealth way can help you determine what you truly desire in life, then help you develop personalized, actionable strategies for achieving your goals.